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Personal Planning

CIQ Diagnostic

Clarify Personal Direction

The CIQ Diagnostic allows us to quickly and easily establish a brief overview of your personal and business (if approprate) situation

Proactive Planning

Having established your direction we use our unique MAP planning process to drive Proactive planning opportunities and take advantage of our Virtual team of experts

Take the CIQ Diagnostic to:

  • Identify Options & Choices
  • Implement Solutions

Business Planning

BIZ” Diagnostic™

Clarify Business Direction

The “BIZ” Diagnostic™ evaluation will provide you with a starting point to develop a business roadmap that gets you where you want to go — and Maximize your Business Potential. Go ahead — give yourself an unfair business advantage today!

Maximize Business Potential

Nobody understands your business better than you — but unless you focus on the key business components — it’s unlikely you will Maximize Business Potential.

Take the "BIZ" Diagnostic™ to find out:

  • Your "BIZ" Rating % Today
  • Your Future Growth Potential %

Our Areas of Focus

Financial Planning

Insurance Planning

Legacy Planning

Advanced Personal Planning

Business Strategy

Business Direction - Vision, Purpose & Strategic Focus

Business Direction - Exit Planning

Business Growth - Winning New Customers

Business Growth - Focus on Existing Customers

Delivery - Efficiency

Delivery - Outsourced Resources




Leadership Training or Coaching


Team Communication Mapping Tool

Team Capability Mapping Tool

Team Profiling

Team Recruitment

Team Engagement


Business Cultural Change

Something Else

Business Protection - Risk Management

Employee Benefits

Business Finance & Cost

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